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Sketch/concept for a logo that didn’t get approved. Thinking of finishing it anyway to brush up on my Adobe Illustrator and add to my portfolio.

“If you loved me; why’d you leave me?” -All I Want, Kodaline

Just a quick sketch in between things. 

The friendly troll who lives under the bridge :-)

Idea for a troll’s home under a bridge :-)

Wise woman character concept - because giant tortoises are awesome. 

Cave goliath concept that I came up with :-)

When in doubt or vertigo, cake. 

WIP - Dryad character concept 

A message from thingsthatiwontfinish
I'm Kasia's roomie and I'm going to stalk your adorable tumblr. I LOVE YOUR DRAWINGS HNNNG

Dawww. Hello Kasia’s roomie! Thank you for your kind words and creepin’. In return, I’m going to stalk you too! 
(And wtf are you talking about your art is so cute ohmagawsh). 

Harpy/siren/hagraven concept